First of all in order to use SmartyDrop automatic tracking number updater without disturbances, you need to create a new chrome browser user only for the tracking number and leave it open:

Click on your user and then "Manage people":

Then click "Add person":

Give it a name and click save.

Now download SmartyDrop Pro extension in this browser and follow these steps:

To use the tracking numbers option you need pay attention to this:

1. You need to add amazon accounts to the SmartyDrop extension:

2. You need to activate the tracking numbers option in the settings:

3. Only orders that are made with the record number after the buyer's name (see step 2) can be updated with the tracking numbers updater. 

4. Go to the extension settings and click "Change" under the "AUTO TRACKING NUMBER" section, then login to your eBay account. This will save the account for automatic trackings.

5. Then choose the update time:

Now just make sure to leave the new browser open.

You can now continue using your previous browser window without disturbances.

** IMPORTANT: Please note that if you mark orders as shipped before you have the tracking number available, SmartyDrop will

 not know which orders to update. Do not mark items as shipped.**